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Since 1995, Knot Magic has been helping our clients return to pain-free lives. Our signature IBAR Method addresses the source of your pain — not just where you feel the pain, but where your symptoms originate. The key to our approach is restoring balance to your body.

Our NCBTMB-certified / board approved and CE-certified therapists are highly skilled at addressing a wide range of problems, from sports injuries to back pain. You will leave with an understanding of our name — it really is magic!

Knot Magic Muscle Therapy - Paige Wilkinson
Massage Therapists near me
Massage Therapists near me
Massage Therapists near me
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Knot Magic Muscle Therapy - Paige Wilkinson

Paige Wilkinson

CEO & Founder Therapist

Paige’s practice focuses on assessing the body, properly aligning the body, and re-educating the muscles. With over 7,500 clients all from referrals, she prides herself on helping them feel better quickly and giving them the tools they need to maintain a pain-free life.

Knot Magic Libby Toenjes

Libby Toenjes

Level 4 Therapist

Libby believes in an all-encompassing state of well-being that is achieved by combining many areas of wellness, including exercise, nutrition, and the therapeutic benefits of massage therapy.

Knot Magic - Clara Vaughn

Clara Vaughn

Level 2 Therapist

Clara is a natural-born healer and licensed massage therapist. In March 2021, she graduated from The Healing Arts Center in St. Louis. She is Level 1 Reiki Certified by Tom Tessereau.

Knot Magic Janay Mosley

Janay Mosely

Level 1 Therapist

Janay’s specialties are Swedish, relieving deep touch, and myofascial release. Her intentions are to give a full-body healing experience using her intuition along with the client’s guidance to personalize every massage for every body’s needs and desires.

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Our mission is to return clients to a balanced body effectively and efficiently, resulting in a pain-free life. A change is tangible at Knot Magic.

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Our vision is to simultaneously revolutionize and redefine the world’s perception of what muscle therapy can accomplish.

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Education ▪ Compassion ▪ Persistence ▪ Problem-Solving ▪ Presence

“I have had back, shoulder problems for years. After seeing Paige, my quality of life is so much better. I have been through years of physical therapy, shots, and surgery. And, now finally, I feel I can enjoy life again!!!”

Connie Turpin

Knot Magic Muscle Therapy - Rams
Knot Magic Muscle Therapy - British Olympics
Knot Magic Muscle Therapy - LPGA

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