What is the IBAR® Method?

In Balance At Rest

The IBAR Method is all about restoring your body to perfect balance to eliminate pain.

The body inherently wants to be in a state of symmetry and balance. Unfortunately, everyday activities, as well as accidents or traumas, can alter this perfect state.

Our nationally recognized and certified IBAR Method caters to your body’s needs, encouraging it back to equilibrium.

Paige Wilkinson, Founder and CEO of Knot Magic Muscle Therapy, drew on two decades of experience and 1000+ hours of training to develop the IBAR Method. She has pioneered this methodology to revolutionize the field of muscle therapy.

How does IBAR® work?

The IBAR Method utilizes innovative muscle therapy, with 80+ techniques that are personalized to address your unique patterns and imbalances.

Our treatment focuses on the placement of bones, range of motion of joints, and the strengths or weaknesses of muscles.

We look at the body as a whole to determine the cause of each issue, and we use your own muscle movements to help guide everything into the correct position, relieving any nerve or muscle irritation and helping to reduce your pain.

Our novel approach addresses the root of the problem rather than only the symptoms, leading to long-lasting relief.

If you’re looking for body relief and support, the IBAR Method is for you!