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Our mission is to return clients to a balanced body effectively and efficiently, resulting in a pain-free life. A change is tangible at Knot Magic.

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Our vision is to simultaneously revolutionize and redefine the world’s perception of what muscle therapy can accomplish.

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Education ▪ Compassion ▪ Persistence ▪ Problem-Solving ▪ Presence

“I came to get my knots worked on and a couple of days prior I had severely hurt my thumbs and palm playing softball. It was swollen and stiff. I went to a hand doctor to get x-rays, the doctor said nothing was broken and sent me home despite the fact that I still could not move my thumb in certain directions. When I showed Paige my thumbs she took one look and popped it back into place without even thinking about it. I had instant relief and I could move my thumb again!”


Knot Magic Muscle Therapy - Rams
Knot Magic Muscle Therapy - British Olympics
Knot Magic Muscle Therapy - LPGA

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