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Our mission is to return clients to a balanced body effectively and efficiently, resulting in a pain-free life. A change is tangible at Knot Magic.

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Our vision is to simultaneously revolutionize and redefine the world’s perception of what muscle therapy can accomplish.

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Education ▪ Compassion ▪ Persistence ▪ Problem-Solving ▪ Presence

“I’ve been going to Knot Magic for a few years now and look forward to each and every visit! I didn’t think it was possible to relieve my back and rib pain but Paige has gotten my ribs to stay in place and we’re well on the way to fixing the lower back as well. I’m very thankful for this awesome company they’ve created!”

Cory Hanstein

Knot Magic Muscle Therapy - Rams
Knot Magic Muscle Therapy - British Olympics
Knot Magic Muscle Therapy - LPGA

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