Paige Wilkinson

CEO / Founding Therapist

Paige Wilkinson is known for her signature approach to muscle therapy, the IBAR Method. She has brought pain relief and healing to a wide range of clients, including Rams football players and the cast of Wicked.

Paige was a high school softball player when she first started changing lives through massage. The team made it to the state tournament, and their only pitcher was exhausting herself pitching game after game. It wasn’t looking good. In the dugout, Paige massaged the girl’s pitching arm.

Little did they know, a local newspaper reporter took their picture, and it made the front page of the paper. The very next day, classmates began stopping her between classes to have her work on their stiff necks and bad backs.

While studying accounting and computer science at Miami University, Paige also learned that her massage techniques could help dormmates get rid of headaches, so they could get back to studying.

As an accountant, Paige realized that bringing spreadsheets into balance wasn’t nearly as rewarding as bringing bodies into balance. She quit one day and started massage school the next!


St. Louis Rams
Contract Massage Therapist
May 1995 – June 2007, St. Louis
Provided muscle therapy for the Rams players and coaches on a weekly basis. Traveled with the team to Super Bowl XXXIV and Super Bowl XXXV.

St. Louis Magazine
2006 A-List Top Massage Therapist for St. Louis

Wicked on Tour
Massage Therapist
2005, Fox Theatre, St. Louis
Provided muscle therapy for the cast of the Wicked during its inaugural season.

Hairspray on Tour
Massage Therapist
2004, Fox Theatre, St. Louis
Provided muscle therapy for the cast of Hairspray.

Volunteer Massage Therapist
September 1995 – March 2001, St. Louis
Volunteered to provide muscle therapy for 144 LPGA Golfers at LPGA Michelob Light Classic Tourney at Forest Hill Country Club and Fox Run Golf Course

Cats on Tour
Massage Therapist
2001, Fox Theatre, St. Louis
Provided muscle therapy for the cast of Cats.

US Judo Open
British Olympic Judo Team Massage Therapist
August 1995, Macon, GA
Helped the British Olympic Judo Team secure 6 Gold, 5 Silver and 7 Bronze medals at the US Judo Open. With proactive massage support, only 2 of the 36 athletes were injured in competition, when on average the team would have lost 33% of the team due to injuries.

British Olympic Training Camp
Olympic Sports Massage Therapist
July 1995, Tallahassee, FL
Provided muscle therapy for over 475 British Olympic Athletes in preparation for the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.


Certified Orthopedic Massage Therapist, Orthopedic Massage

Onsen Technique
Certified Onsen Practitioner, Onsen,

Core Institute
Certified Olympic Sports Massage Therapist, British Olympic Sports Massage Training Camp

Miami University
B.S., Accounting and Computer Science