Not Your Typical Massage Therapy

At Knot Magic, our highly trained, IBAR-certified staff makes all the difference. We are committed to reducing and eliminating pain, starting at the source.

After visiting us, you’ll understand our motto: Make a Difference • Change a Life • Create a Believer®

What Makes Us Different

Integrated Approach

We look at the body as a whole — muscles, joints and bones — to determine the cause of any misalignment and discomfort. Our focus is restoring your body to perfect balance.


Our nationally certified IBAR Method offers 80+ techniques to help us identify and resolve your pain. The IBAR approach caters to your body’s needs, encouraging it back to equilibrium.

Pain Relief

Our professional team of massage therapists is highly skilled at resolving problems from sports injuries to back pain. You will leave with a true appreciation of our name – it really is magic!

Massage Therapists near me
Massage Therapists near me
Massage Therapists near me

Client Testimonials

Knot Magic Muscle Therapy - Rams
Knot Magic Muscle Therapy - British Olympics
Knot Magic Muscle Therapy - LPGA

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