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"Pain free!... a bad fall onto my right side (15 years prior) left me with continuous severe back pain/sleepless nights. After visits with a shoulder specialist, rheumatologist, acupuncturist, and orthopaedists', brought NO relief....I thought a massage may help. Paige immediately noticed the slightly dislocated shoulder....upon manipulation, she also found the clavical, shoulder blade and 2 ribs to be dislocated. Hours later, my 15 years of continous back pain were gone! She also noticed my right hip, slightly off....after her "work over"......the bursitis in my left hip dissipated.... Occasionally the chronic bursitis returns....however, the constant pain has been eliminated! Paige "knows" her bones and muscles......I am eternally grateful to her, and consider myself very fortunate in knowing her. Thank you, Paige "

— Mary Lou Keech  (02/09/2011)

"Felt a great sense of calm after my first visit. Ive been back multiple times since because Paige knows how to fix you. When I played field hockey competitively it was nice to know someone else had my back! "

— Lauren Winsby  (06/25/2012)