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"I'd fallen on some ice and thought I'd broken my arm. The doctor said I was fine and suggested physical therapy for what had become a frozen shoulder. That helped some, but I still had very limited movement and hurt all the time. That first hour with Paige turned into a lifesaver! She got all the ribs, collar bone and miscellaneous other body parts back into their appropriate positions and loosened up the muscles - I stopped hurting immediately and had almost my full range of motion back. Since then, she's kept me in better working order than I've been in years. I continue to indulge in regular massage visits because I've found it not only helps my body, but my mind and spirit also - we laugh so much at each other's stories that each session becomes a complete body/soul/mind relaxation experience. I wouldn't quit for anything!"

— Kathy Roth  (07/10/2008)

"As an equestrian competitor, I have experienced my share of bumps, bruises and spills. I work out regularly but I was still not feeling 100%. Paige has me fine tuned and back to riding competitively."

— Ann Glaus  (01/29/2010)