About Us: Our Team

Paige Wilkinson

"My interest in massage started back in high school when our softball team made the state tournament. We only had one pitcher and she had pitched three straight games. She was throwing up pumpkin balls and the other team was smashing them. While in the dug out, I started working on her arm. Little did I know, our local news paper reporter took our picture and it made the front page of the paper. The next day I was stopped by classmates in between classes to have me work on their stiff necks and bad backs.

I went on to college and soon realized I could help dorm mates get rid of headaches so they could get back to studying. I graduated college and went into the accounting field.

The accounting world was fun but not nearly as rewarding as helping people. It took me ten years to realize this. I wanted more out of a job so I quit one day and start massage school the next.

I have found my calling and love everyday I go to work. I often say I don't work, I play all day. This sure beats accounting!"