About Us

I would like to share with you the origin of the name of the company.

While I was in massage school, my father hospitalized after major surgery. On the third day, he developed a pain in his back. He called to see if I would be able to stop by the hospital after class to help him. By the time I got there, a knot was creating significant pain. I quickly found the source of the problem then applied a small amount pressure to the local area. After a minute or so, the knot subsided - almost as if it had melted.

My father was amazed how quickly and effortless it was for me to help him. He said, "Wow, it's like magic." Without thinking, I responded, "It's knot magic." I thought it was fitting.

Realizing my technique was more than just a massage and emphasizing the fact I worked on the muscles, I coined the term "muscle therapy" in order to help differentiate the type of work I do.

Thus, Knot Magic Muscle Therapy was born.

-- Paige Wilkinson, Founder
We are located at:
8888 Ladue Road, Suite 260
St. Louis, MO 63124 (Directions)

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Our phone number is: (314) 721-7683
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"Paige is amazing, she did some trick with my back and shoulder that made me feel about 5 pounds lighter on my shoulders. I always feel like I have my laptop bag on my shoulder...I do not. I sit for long while I code and programing, however, I mountain bike about average 17 miles on weekends. This wasn't helping I always woke up from major lower back and neck pain, Paige showed me how tilt and in-positioned my hip and shoulder bones were. Her skills are magic tricks. All pains in my body went away after first visit to her. Highly recommend her and I will return to her when I have pain."

— Honar Abbas  (03/09/2018)

"I fought with pain in my feet for over a year. My medical doctors offered little relief. I had two visits with Paige and my pain was mostly gone. She also gave me good information on how to keep it from coming back. She absolutely rocks."

— Holly Wood  (03/08/2018)